Sharing is caring – I want your self-care top tips!

So as I mentioned before last week I had my annual progress review and I passed (woop woop!)! One of the comment-questions that I got as part of the review related to my self-care during the project, and although I have got some plans for self-care it’s got me thinking about how effective these plans are, and ultimately how I could make them more meaningful.

Getting outside to beautiful spots is one of my fave ways to chill out and get a break which I do not do enough. Pictured: Rosslyn.

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GIF by Primark:

One of the hardest things for me about a PhD is the lack of concrete achievements. In work there were always things I had to get to someone by a deadline that were either good enough, or they were substandard and needed redone, but shortly after needing to be redone they had to be done. Done done. Similarly with previous studies there were essays and exams, there were things that were final, and there were grades that told me how I was doing. PhDs are different to that. 

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